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BMW M3 and BMW M4 Inside (Part 4): Sound and exhaust system
The driver of a BMW M3 or BMW M4 expects to hear a particularly sporty sound both in the interior of the car and outside the vehicle. The aim is always to determine the best compromise between characteristics that stimulate the emotions and those that …
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10 things we learned about the BMW i8, with test numbers
Senior Editor Jason Cammisa recently tested with the 2015 BMW i8, and everyone in the office has been waiting to hear what he had to say about it. Here are some of his notes, taken right from his logbook, and 10 things Cammisa learned about the hybrid …

BMW i3 Electronaut Edition comes into focus
Buyers will also get exclusive access to the BMW i Smart Charging application for Android and Apple smartphones. Little is known about the application but it will apparently help owners reduce their energy costs by "automatically calculating the daily …

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