BMW 435i coupe proves pleasurable, refined, and high tech

BMW 435i coupe proves pleasurable, refined, and high tech
If “BMW 4 Series” doesn't ring a bell, it's because that's the new name for the coupe version of the BMW 3 Series. For years, BMW has earned a reputation as the benchmark for everything a sports sedan should be, no matter how many doors it has. This …

BMW i3 online campaign peers over test-drivers' shoulders
The current BMW i online campaign is shifting its focus to the driving experience. So far, communications have concentrated on the BMW i brand and BMW i3 product. Now, the online platform allows users to accompany BMW …
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Is this BMW's superluxury 9 Series?
BMW is dropping heavy hints that its brand of luxury can be even more luxurious. That, in turn, is making some wonder if we're getting the first look at what could be come a superluxury BMW, a 9 Series. We talked to two BMW officials about it this past …
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